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During this time, more people familiar with the male condom. Although still less popular, the female condom is also one of contraception that can prevent pregnancy. In addition, the female condom has the ability to provide protection against a variety of infections or sexually transmitted diseases. How do I use the female condom?

Unlike the male condom, the female condom looks like a thin veil, soft, and loose, complete with a flexible ring at each end. One ring is open, while others closed ring. The tip of the closed ring will then be inserted into the vagina to hold the semen of men during ejaculation.

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Right Position
Condoms can be inserted into the vagina up to eight hours before intercourse. How to insert the condom can be done by lying, squatting, or by lifting one leg to a higher place. Each woman has a difference in determining the exact position when using a condom.

Remove the condom from the packaging and carefully to avoid tearing. Always use a new condom every woman would have sex. Check again the life of condoms, to ensure the product does not expire.
Condom-covered section inserted into the vagina. Press until soft inner ring is between the index finger and your thumb.
Separate the lips of the vagina by using your other hand, then press the condom to as deep as possible in the vagina. But make sure the tip of the ring only remain on the outside of the vagina at any time.
During intercourse, the penis must be entered into the condom. Remember to maintain the position of the outer ring of the condom outside the vagina.
To remove the condom, you should rotate the outer ring of the condom so that semen does not spill and pull from your vagina. Condoms have been used can then be wrapped in tissue and thrown in the trash.
Type Female Condom
First female condom is made of polyurethane materials. Then, the material is replaced with a synthetic nitrile that can reduce annoying noise from the previous types of condoms.

The latest type of female condom is made from natural latex, which is the same material as the male condom. Condoms made of this material does not cause noise as the first generation of condoms. Now this kind of condoms sold by different brands on the market.

Annoying thing Effectiveness
The success rate of the female condom as a contraceptive reach 95 percent if used appropriately. That is, about 5 out of 100 women per year who use condoms fail in the form of pregnancy.

But some things can interfere with the effectiveness of the female condom, for example the penis touches the vagina before condom actually installed properly or condoms get too deep into the vagina.

In addition, another error when using the female condom is not proper penis enters the condom. In this condition, the penis is in the vagina, but outside of the condom. Moreover, it is not uncommon condoms damaged by sharp objects, such as nails or jewelry, thereby reducing its effectiveness.

If you feel that female condom use is not effective, consult a doctor or nearest hospital. In addition to the risk of pregnancy, you are also at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections of the couple.

Consider Use Female Condom
Some of the advantages of female condoms, among others, can prevent pregnancy by blocking the exchange of body fluids that sexually transmitted infections at the same ward. Female condoms are also relatively less troublesome because it is only used during sex, without requiring any special preparation.

However, there are some disadvantages that often complained of the use of female condoms, as disturbing sexual activity because of the way their use rather difficult.

If not used properly, the female condom has torn though the possibility of strong materials. The price of the female condom is more expensive and not widely available than condoms for men.

The female condom is safe. There are no health risks from its use. However, condoms may not be appropriate for women who do not feel comfortable touching their genitals.

Generally, condoms have been given lubricant to facilitate sexual intercourse. But when would use extra lube, you should note the base ingredients.

Female condoms are made of latex should not use oil-based lubricants, such as cream or body lotion because it can make condoms more likely to tear. While condoms made of polyurethane can use any lubricant material.

Read the rules and lifetime condom on the packaging before use. Note also that the correct storage method that quality is not compromised when you want to use. If necessary, consult a physician or medical expert in selecting appropriate contraception for you and your partner.

CAPiTA study results intended for Prevenar 13 posted coming from Pfizer


Pfizer Inc. declared the outcomes because of the (CAPiTA) Community-Acquired Pneumonia Immunization Trial in Adults, that will are accepted place in order to assess it is hit vaccine namely Prevenar 13, continues to be circulated within England Medicine Journal involving March.


The vaccine Prevenar 13 \’m formulated from Pfizer for you to provide safety measures against pneumococcal disease, the almost all communal source connected with pneumonia because regarding bacteria. this infection is one of the greatest causes associated with deaths IN ADDITION TO hospitalization Across the globe. your disease will in addition cause infections within ear ALONG WITH numerous various other children diseases.

Lately, your own CAPiTA study feel retained from the institution and the Medical Centre of University located inside Holland ALONG WITH Julius Clinical in order to estimate your own vaccination effectiveness of Prevenar 13 at the primary stage involving pneumococcal Pneumonia IN ADDITION TO IPD (Invasive Pneumococcal Disease) AS WELL AS non-invasive community ordered Pneumonia in patients above your age of 65.pateients on the age are generally mostly further exposed because the involving their continuously weakening immunity method does not have much ability to fight against to be able to keep them secure by pneumonia as well as other various other diseases.

The Pharmaceutical Companiesdeclared It Prevenar 13 provides met all of the required endpoints mentioned in the study, Just as This has founded its ability for you to protect the pointed out age group patients through the life threatening infections.

Almost 84,496 residents were tested with the CAPiTA study, out of which 50% were shipped Prevenar 13, though the remaining was supplied a good placebo shot. ones result came out The item Prevenar 13 \’m capable of decrease your disease through over 45.6%.

The requirement because of its CAPiTA study feel set via regulatory authorities involving a lot of international locations Across the globe.

Prevenar 13 is famous ALONG WITH all widely ALONG WITH commonly obtained vaccine globally because of its treatment associated with pneumococcal disease. Internationally, in excess of 750 trillion dosages of any vaccine usually are dispersed AND This can be the second most profitable drug with the history producing of around product sales worth of $4.5 billion last year.

The vaccine is usually coming from this date helped inside over 120 countries. a new approval feel shipped sooner with February soon after the European Commission showed green code for the drug for you to end up being directed in adults with regard to treatment associated with pneumococcal disease.

The UNITED STATES FDA had already permitted Prevenar 13 for you to be used inside children through six weeks to help 17 years. a new produced outcome of a study has furthermore been succumbed to FDA

Moreover, the results has become provided to help regulatory authorities involving a variety of largest international markets like Australia AND ALSO Canada.

Pfizer stock stood in $34.13 following tumbling from 0.35% during pre-market session on 23rd March at 7:52 are EDT. Wall Street have issued a great price target regarding $35 from Pfe stock.

Methadone is really a greater Replacement intended for Heroin

Methadone Tablets

Methadone is usually basically a great synthetic opioid used to prevent or even reduce your own unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. for you to be added precise, if a good addicted person stops carrying narcotics [like heroin IN ADDITION TO alcohol]; he faces a series of painful withdrawal symptoms. inside these kinds of a great crucial situation, he are able to use methadone to obtain relief IN ADDITION TO comfort coming from his critical condition.

Methadone Tablets

Many people WORK WITH methadone with a good long-term basis to obtain rid connected with narcotic effects. several you consider out associated with both ones effects [effects regarding heroin AND effects associated with methadone] inside a great very small time. It\’s extensive uses to addicted you acquire out involving several important situations. a addicted person Should get this medication right after consulting to help a great registered medical practitioner. He Just in case decide your dose right after consulting for you to an physician. a overdose connected with That can establish death of your person. This is why at the day connected with starting, you should be very careful about it\’s dose. Side via side, it is advisable to reduce your current dose gradually so that you can get out of a effects associated with both methadone as well as the heroin. Just as the withdrawal symptoms, people will probably a variety of physical discomforts similar to sweating, feeling cold or maybe hot, running nose, vomiting tendency, etc. It is worthy in order to mention here That a great addicted person with a great asthma problem In the event that not consider the medication. Apart by helping within obtaining out of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, This aids in order to relieve pain.

This opioid medication was primary produced in Germany within 1937. This reached towards STATES with 1947. Eli Lilly ALONG WITH business are ones initial for you to introduce The item with the USA. since the subsequently till date, It has gained popularity regarding The item detoxification AS WELL AS pain killing capability. today This is sold widely in the USA through certified pharmacies. Methadone Ottawa provides a good very good market for the USA. This really is sold there with a series of reasonable restrictions.

Who will certainly prescribe Methadone Ottawa AS WELL AS when

A general physician can prescribe This soon after the after assessments carried out on you. There are numerous physicians with Ottawa which tend to be specially trained pertaining to conducting for the assessment methods.

In this method, your general physicians include followings:

They carry details of the health, physical status AS WELL AS societal circumstances.
They get an note of a past IN ADDITION TO present medicine taken.
Test associated with urine ALONG WITH sweet.

If an registered doctor finds everything OK, he enables an individual moving your medicine within the limited dose. He advises people to gradually reduce your dose, until a person fully take rid regarding both your effects connected with methadone AND ALSO heroin.

Who Should not carry methadone?

an individual throughout heart disease, cardiac problem or perhaps heart rhythm disorder can not take it.
you having a family very long history associated with QT syndrome In the event not consume this.
people suffering through breathing problem or lung disease In case not consider it.
an individual inside brain tumor AND ALSO head injury Should avoid the particular medication.
a great kidney patient In case not consider it.
individuals inside gallbladder, pancreas, or perhaps thyroid problems, must stay away through the actual medication.

This is usually still today highly popular As ones far better solution or maybe substitute associated with heroin.

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FUNNY TO REPLACE PANTS JEANS jeans have a wide range of models, types and warna.Sehingga many people, both men and women are very fond of jeans. But there are some people who are bored with jeans because jeans do not have a motive and just change color only.Jual hijab berkualitas

Here are some types of pants you can wear besides jeans:

Say om

Say om usually known as yoga pants. Say om you can make to replace celan jeans for say om facilitate children to move freely without chills. In order to look more beautiful, you can combine say om with knee-length dress.

Animal instincts

Animal instincts or animal patterned leggings as pants leopard is suitable to be used as a substitute for jeans. Leggings have a cold material so that you will feel comfortable when you memakianya. By combining leggings tops T-shirts and blazers loose, you will look fashionable.

No sweat

No sweat or Sweatpants is one type of casual pants are made from lightweight and usually used for berolahraga.Akan but celan no sweat you can make a replacement for not less fashionable jeans with very comfortable to wear.

Maintain Healthy Feet

Activities are undertaken every day can make your feet become tired. Every day we would walk and was so generally, we often escape attention to foot health. Yet as the support body, the task is not an easy pair of legs we know.

Our feet are the foundation of the actual body. When the foot is not functioning as it should, then we realize the importance of protecting the health of the foot.
Here are some tips for Maintaining Healthy Feet are tired to look healthy and beautiful.
Foot care tips to stay healthy are:
Always pay attention to the cleanliness of the foot.
Trim toenails regularly.
Always wash the feet after a long day.
Do not cut the toenails too short, as it risks breaking the skin and cause infection.
If you are having problems smelly feet, soak your feet regularly with the use of green tea that has been precipitated overnight (stale tea) for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Repeat several times a week.
Choose shoes made of leather, because leather can support air circulation in the legs. It is very important to prevent foot problems due to excessive moisture, such as foot odor.
In addition to maintaining the health of the feet, we also have to take care of the feet look so pretty especially if you often wear open shoes.
Here are tips for caring for the feet in order to keep it looking beautiful:
Prepare warm water added salt bath / sea salt. Feet first washed thoroughly, then soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes. In addition to lifting the skin-dry skin, salt is also useful to relieve fatigue in the legs.
Rub the heel cracked with a special tool (can be a pumice stone or foot smoothing special). This tool helps exfoliate dry skins attached to the heel.
Apply foot scrub gel evenly on the soles of the feet. Do massage on the area to dispose of dead skin cells. Then wipe with a damp cloth and rinse until completely clean, then dry with a towel.
Apply a moisturizing lotion to soften and moisturize the feet. While leveling lotions, doing back massage so that blood circulation becomes more smoothly. If necessary, use a lotion containing menthol to provide a fresh, especially on tired legs.
To keep moisture heels, wear socks made from soft when going to sleep, so that the heel of the foot feels softer next day.


Health core organs in women need to be kept clean in order to stay healthy and also bebasa of several diseases such as cervical cancer. Maintain cleanliness of sex organs is very important to do, especially during menstruation because during menstruation, bacteria around the sex organs easier to grow and thrive. Jual hijab berkualitas

Here are tips on hygiene during menstruation sex organs:

Maintain cleanliness panties

Try to frequently change underwear, especially during menstruation. When washing the blood stains on underwear. should use warm water so that bacteria attached to the pants are teraturSaat dalam.Mengganti menstrual pads you should diligently change pads every 3 hours so that bacteria do not grow berkemabangbiak and prevent irritation of the organs intim.Mandi regularly Area

Bath not only serves to clean the body alone but the jug is used to remove the sweat stuck in the body. During menstruation, you should bathe 2X a day to clean the sex organs remain well preserved.

Cleaning the sex organs with cleaning fluid V

Cleaning the sex organs with washing fluid V, is very important. To prevent the growth of bacteria, preferably while cleaning the sex organs with cairam V cleaning by washing from the front backwards, do not be reversed.

9 Foods For Kids Intelligence

Although the child’s intelligence is influenced by internal factors are genetic but several external factors including physical activity, stimulation, nutrition and health also play a role. So for you as a parent if it can assist in providing the best nutrition to stimulate children’s intelligence.

Here are 9 of food for the intelligence of children, namely:
1. Salmon
Fish that contain fats such as salmon is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA are both important in the growth and development of your child’s brain function. Research shows that children who get the intake of omega-3 fatty acids have the ability to think more sharply. According to experts, although tuna contain omega-3 fatty acids, but the salmon more omega 3 than tuna.
2. Eggs
Eggs are an important source of protein which is known relatively cheap and the price is quite affordable. Egg yolks contain choline proven, a substance that can help the development of memory. You can provide this type of variation in the processed egg to add to your child’s appetite.
3. Peanut butter
Peanuts and peanut butter are one source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can protect the nerve cell membrane. The content of thiamin and vitamin E helps the brain and nervous system in use glucose for energy needed by the body shape
4. Whole grains
The brain requires glucose supply of the body that are constant so that the grain can support the needs of your body with fiber resulting from its seeds. Fiber found in whole grains will help to regulate the release of glucose in the body. Vitamin B contained in wheat will keep the nervous system to remain healthy functioning.
5. Oats / Oatmeal
Oats are one of the most popular cereals among children and rich in essential nutrients for the brain. Oats are able to provide energy to the brain much needed children, oatmeal is very appropriate if taken in the morning .Kandungan fiber in oats or oatmeal able to keep your child’s health and intelligence. Oats are also a good source of vitamin E, vitamin B, zinc and potassium which makes the body and brain function to function optimally.
6. Type Fruit
In general, strong colors contained in cherry, blackberry, strawberry and blueberry contains adequate nutrients to the intelligence of children. Berries fruit group contains high levels of antioxidants, especially vitamin C is capable menangka cancer-causing free radicals. Several studies have shown the content of strawberry and blueberry extract was able to improve the functioning of ingata. Besides the seeds of berries are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are needed in brain health, especially intelligence.
7. Nuts
Peanut is special because food snacks of nuts have the energy derived from protein and complex carbohydrates. In addition, nuts contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. Nuts are a good food for your child’s brain can sustain due to energy and also the ability to think. According to the research, red beans contain more omega-3 than other nuts, especially ALA – the type of omega-3 fatty asan important for growth and brain function.
8. colored vegetables
Tomatoes, red sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, spinach is a vegetable that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that will keep brain cells healthy. Consuming a variation of vegetables is very important for health despite the fact that children do not like vegetables, for that you can create from raw material processed vegetable snacks.
9. Milk and Yogurt
Foods derived from dairy products contain high protein and vitamin B content of protein and B vitamins are essential nutrients in perumbuhan brain tissue and also enzymes. Consuming milk, processed milk or yogurt can make the stomach survive from hunger because of the content of protein and carbohydrates as well as a source of energy for your child’s brain. The study found that children and teens need more vitamin D even 10 times the recommended dose. Vitamin D is a vitamin which is also important for muscle and nervous system life cycle of human cells as a whole.

Alter your property together with on-line lumber manufactured emphasize items

Superb household environment presents a large aspect, along with fulfilling your present body-mind. Today, individuals commit moment, in addition to bundle to purchase a proper household d├ęcor, that words of flattery the house. A lot of these little improvements can easily, generate creating a good sense in addition to energy which could acquire an individuals perspective in this website visitors quickly.

Normal on-line Lumber manufactured Emphasize items:

An excellent luxurious solid timber package may very well be simply utilised in presents itself or maybe more tools every time filled up with organic and natural plant life regarding positioning some form of glance regarding greenery together with your little household. This could be genuinely, the progressive applying on the age previous basic flower vases, in comparison with the particular flower vases which might be intended to become floral flower vases. This is usually a foremost component to look for the kind of package you must purchase, for the harvested flower vases can easily definitely be studied extra, in comparison with the particular floral flower vases that you just might take out solely through situations.

Ideas to get on-line flower vases:

Many people usually are just a few towards the terrain flower vases, that capabilities the end area of the package normally, camouflaging the particular creative models put down below the particular comes regarding limbs. Thus, if you are setting up to secure a terrain package, regard stuff that usually are fewer elaborate along with personality. On the other hand, there are lots of some other aspects to get thought to be nevertheless buying a solid timber package for your household:

Features: Think about the capabilities within the flower vases, if you prepare your latest expenditures. When you are selecting terrain flower vases, you could pun meant, the particular intense elaborate kinds, in addition to if you are just a few towards the distinctive wood, you could bypass the particular spore-infested kinds.

Steps regarding Flaunting Wet Plants/ Bouquets: Whilst enhancing your belongings together with thoroughly clean floral programs, a person certainly normally do not desire the particular blooms that you reduce decrease soon?

There are numerous flower vases which might be particularly built to keep ample normal water inside, to hold your present blooms thoroughly clean. When you never have bought this kind of additional package, it is advisable to defend your present solid timber package with a basic interior package which could support the drinks, so that it may possibly end the particular plant life through getting older!

Choosing the right Problem: The shape regarding anyvase presents a significant do without determining the particular appears in this place. The particular flower vases together with separate out mouth area, demands conduit flower vases to get fit inside regarding applying the particular comes aptly. In case of this kind of flower vases, you ought not implement quite definitely comes entirely; a single aspect along with two, may make become correct for this reason. Then again, the particular flower vases receiving big place in addition to greater mouth area, allows the item be asked to employ a variety of comes entirely, in any other case that are comical along with unusual. Like flower vases operates well simply because show-pieces, with no blooms along with comes likewise, as long as they usually are really decorative.

An excellent ill stored solid timber package, may possibly sprint normal water generally in most your time and energy along with attempts. Consequently, it can be necessary to address in their eyes on a regular basis together with interior flower vases. And also wetting the particular comes, normal water likewise invitations termites. When you possess termites within your house, you could get on-line flower vases receiving material lows. Thus, when you’re the lttle bit added in conscious you can certainly decorate your belongings together with ageless solid timber flower vases!

Laminating Floors may be the button to extended time frame Quality

Households are generally concept to everyday wear IN ADDITION TO tear. your current accessories, furnishing along with other elements depreciate inside each passing day. your aspect propels your homeowners to replace your old furnishing AND refurbish ones same with newer versions. ones yearly repair AND ALSO refurbishing budget of a household forms the considerable chunk in the urban household’s monetary plans. That is inevitable The idea a person may try for you to down ones budget while still ensuring quality. This will effectively performed from safeguarding ones household’s furnishings against wear AS WELL AS tear. There are some strategies which might be applied to be able to prolong your workable life of the home furnishings.

There usually are a few common means that will homeowners WORK WITH to ensure ones longevity involving it\’s hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring can be single such mean. your own excess coat adds as a shield against wear ALONG WITH tear. the various Record structures synchronizedly fused together forms a Secure structure that will will probably essentially resist everyday toil ALONG WITH pounding. Pattern recommended also, laminate flooring installation gives extra options. throughout urban households your laminate hardwood floors are generally quite popular nowadays. the feasible expenses fill to help the allure Just as homeowners tend to help decide on them to complete for the shop AS WELL AS \’m regarding their interior.

Laminate flooring installation can be intricate function to be able to say your least. you\’ll find so many parameters adhered on the installation technique IN ADDITION TO a good layman are not able to know the same. It takes expert ASSIST quality to ensure your current laminate flooring will be performed efficiently. Specialized tools are necessary due to the intricate function of flooring ALONG WITH singular your own professional SUPPORT services have those tools on the disposal. your workers can also be highly qualified ALONG WITH efficient within installing laminate floors. solitary of a all important aspects regarding floor installation services could be the after-service support. Laminate floors need extensive upkeeps to be able to retail lustre as well as the flooring experts required these kinds of consultations towards the concerned clientele.

The flooring experts not lone lay ones hardwood floors but furthermore produce consultation to the shoppers In regards to the suitability of a designs IN ADDITION TO more. Picking out your current right pattern within accordance towards additional elements regarding furnishing will be important. individual must do an detailed research on the people AS WELL AS patterns of your floors to make ones planned decor plan possible. inside countries similar to Dallas, You\’ll find flooring experts which are proficient inside both household AND ALSO corporate flooring solution. They provide its solutions extensively at time ALONG WITH with sheer dedication. ones costs for the other hand are usually quite reasonable within respect on the HELP quality offered.

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